Free Resources

MDS Foundation provides the resources below for FREE. You can download them, share them online, print them out, make copies of them, and distribute them to other people, companies, organizations, schools, and your community. We made these resources to be shared in order to educate people about, raise awareness for, and help end human trafficking.

Here's what you cannot do with these free resources.
1. You cannot sell them or trade them for goods. We provide these for free and you need to do the same.
2. You cannot remove our name, website, or trademarks. They're there so people can come back right here and get more free resources.

These resources were created using materials (ie: images) with a CC0 license or materials we made ourselves. Nobody's charging for anything with these resources, and that makes it easier for all of us to use them to fight human trafficking! If you have any questions about any of the resources, please free free to contact us.

The "Community Catering" image looks like a business card, but it contains the telephone number for the National Human Trafficking Resource Center for the United States. Many human trafficking victims are afraid to break free of their abusers. If you suspect that a person is a victim of human trafficking, it would be easier to hand this business card to him or her because it looks harmless. The "free pastry" offer could give a victim a way to meet with someone who could help him or her. We encourage that you do not meet with a victim by yourself unless you have training to handle such situations. Ask for the help of authorities, like plain clothes officers or detectives, who are trained to handle volatile situations since abusers should be considered dangerous.