Our Mission

MDS Foundation raises awareness and education about human trafficking

through media platforms to end this social injustice.

MDS Foundation believes that information is the first step in ending human trafficking. Most people believe that human trafficking only happens to disenfranchised people in other countries. The truth is harder to accept. Human trafficking happens where you are to people who look like you.

Human trafficking happens everywhere.

Human trafficking happens everywhere: in developed and developing countries, in urban and suburban areas, in rich and poor neighborhoods, in hotels, in shops, and on street corners.

Human trafficking victims can be men, women, and children. They vary in age and come from different countries, cultures, and socioeconomic backgrounds.

Unfortunately, is it almost a silent crime. Almost. The truth about human trafficking is being revealed, and MDS Foundation strives to unveil that truth around the world.

Since knowledge is power and today’s media platforms make it easier to spread knowledge across the world, MDS Foundation leverages different media platforms to empower people everywhere through the knowledge the comes from being aware and educated about human trafficking and how to end it.