Who We Are

MDS Foundation is a non-profit organization based in San Jose, California, that spreads awareness and education about human trafficking through different media platforms. It was founded by Ted Unarce, Gracie Suzara, and Orlando Yabes in 2010 to accompany the immense awareness-building advocacy for international freedom.


Ted Unarce Ted Unarce is an author and filmmaker whose film “Modern Day Slaves” (released 2010) paved the way for the birth of MDS Foundation. “Modern Day Slaves” is a documentary about the realities of overseas workers, and it has brought much needed attention to human trafficking. Ted uses his background in film and literature to bring awareness and education about human trafficking to as many people as possible.




Gracie Suzara Gracie Suzara served as producer and editor of the film “Modern Day Slaves” (released 2010). She helped bring the documentary to multiple film festivals around the world, and has seen first-hand how unaware people are about human trafficking. Gracie leverages the media connections she has established for many years to increase awareness for human trafficking.




Orlando Yabes Orlando Yabes served as researcher for the documentary “Modern Day Slaves” (released 2010). His work brought him up close and personal to victims of human trafficking, and has been forever changed by their stories. He uses his background in business to strengthen the efforts of MDS Foundation in raising awareness and education about human trafficking.




MDS Foundation is a tax-deductible 501 (c)3 organization of the Internal Revenue Code. Donations can be made through the MDS Foundation at the address below: 

MDS Foundation
P.O. Box 32928
San Jose, CA 95152